Hey, just to make contact a lot easier and instead of opening random email programs on your machine and your emails ending up in my Spam folder I thought this form would be the best idea!

If you do wish to contact me via email directly you can do so
I cannot guarantee it will reach me.

If you have any queries for me please fill out the form and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Anyone getting in touch regarding Guest Posting Opportunities, please don’t. I would not want to waste your time. I DO NOT ACCEPT GUEST POSTS on behalf of companies on the blog. (Im sorry to sound harsh but I have been receiving many emails from insurance companies and supermarkets which I will not endorse)

If you would like me to ‘Guest Post’ please do get in touch if your blog or site is relevant to (Just look at the blog and you will know!) I would be more than happy to but would obviously need to review your site or service first. If I feel that what you have to offer is no interest or relevance to Heart Handmade UK I will politely decline ^_^

If you wish to contact me regarding PROMOTING YOURSELF, A SHOP, BOOK REVIEWS or an UPCOMING PUBLICATION please read Promotion or Advertising with HearthandmadeUK before getting in touch.

And.. if you are just getting in touch to be lovely; Thank you! Those emails always make my day and I will always get back to you

Claire xo.

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