Inspiring Small Space Living

This is an absolutely incredible small apartment in Stockholm, Sweden. I love Swedish apartments, they’re so well organised. Not only that, but all of these images are by the Estate Agents Stadshem. I think the Estate Agents in the United Kingdom could learn A LOT from the Swedish Estate agents!

The view from the front door! I think when you pass that little chair, the bed is on the right hand side, then a sitting space. Take a left at the drawers and you have the dining space shown in the first image, and the kitchen is there too.

How well styled is this photograph? The estate agents seem to hire professional stylists and photographers to do an incredible job at selling properties! I’m sure they aren’t cheap either but nothing is cheap in Sweden! 

For the longest time, I have never understood the little curtains that are in kitchens all over Europe. Now I understand! Hide the washing machine! Another perfectly styled little corner. Everyone take notes about what to do when trying to sell your house!

Although this apartment is tiny and there isn’t enough room to swing a cat, I absolutely love it! I would need to loose all of my possessions before I could live in an apartment like this and my craft kingdom would need to go. Ok, too many sacrifices, so I will just admire from a far. It would make a perfect little holiday place or second home, you know, for when I win the lottery that I don’t even play.

eep! This image is just perfect! I am totally sold!
I never knew a photograph of a towel coming out of a washing machine could look so good. 
I love this tap but what in the heck is that all about? The twirly knob separate from the tap itself? Why? I’m also very impressed at how shiny it all is!

This is the beautiful little dining space.

To view more of this gorgeous apartment 

CLAW FOOT TUB! Ok, so I was going to start this sentence with “compact, bijoux, perfection” and then continue, but then I saw the bath and squealed. 

I love the floor and the fancy wall mounted radiator! This bathroom looks like it belongs in a fancy hotel.

What a beautiful vase. I think I need to put a little shelf up like this in our bathroom. Just under the mirror. We do have a little unit on the right hand side, which is a billy bookcase (tells you my budget), but the water from wet hands on the soap pump is damaging the laminate, the sink isn’t deep enough for the soap pump so a shelf may be my only option. I can deal with wet drops on glass much better than I can deal with damaged laminate!

The beautiful little seating area. I really like that rug with the paisley print all over it. The drawers are rather beautiful too.

To the right of the little seating area – the bed! Is this a wardrobe or a linen cabinet or both? Either way, I want it! Darnit these Scandinavians are so stylish!

Remember above, we came through the door and I was explaining everywhere? It’s such a beautiful little apartment and a great deal of thought went into how the space would be used.

I love these shelves. I wish I owned some! I’ve seen some painted turquoise, which almost made me fall over with all the excitement. I might have a little peek at ikea to see what they have to offer. Ikea is my closest connection to Scandinavian style.

Doesn’t the sitting area look fabulous from this angle?

The entry way, with built in wardrobes/closet space. That tripod lamp is one of the most beautiful of it’s kind that I have ever seen!

That is a fabulous little place for coats, jackets and umbrellas when you walk through the door! I think that little door is the bathroom. I also LOVE that umbrella stand. It’s so ornate!
Who else is incredibly jealous of whoever lives here (Despite the fact that it’s tiny!)?

Pretty Pastel Danish Home

Greengate Plates Displayed on the wall

Isn’t this cabinet fabulous? And everything in it of course! Today’s post is all about the fabulous blog Lulufant by the gorgeous Tina Kapowski Larsen. The blog name stands for her 3 kids, which I thought was adorable!

Chalk Painted Chairs in the Dining Room

I really fell for this blog in a HUGE way. Please forgive the writing on all these images. I’ve seen the perfect Lulufant kitchen on pinterest so many times without the original source pinned to it (which really bugs the life out of me!) so I thought I would make sure the Lulufant blog name was all over these. I also edited all of the images in this post so my blog name is on there too if you guys are sharing.

Greengate Kitchen Counter

This image almost made the eyes pop out of my head. I wish I could afford all of these beautiful greengate products, I also wish that a bigger range of greengate items was available in the UK but we are very lucky that we can get any at all! My eyes didn’t pop out because of the lovely greengate pieces though, it was the gorgeous cabinets and little drawers underneath! I love them!

Greengate Cutlery

I’ve seen so many of these wooden display units for cutlery and cups, they seem to be very popular in Scandinavia. Is it common to have these things out in the open instead of in cabinets or drawers?

Greengate Latte Cups Wicker Basket Liner and hanging mugs

This is a marvellous little kitchen!

pink and white in the kitchen

And greengate is oozing out of every pore in this kitchen! I love it!

Pastel Kitchen Utensils

I love this little area! See that little cabinet? Are those normally for eggs and things? I’m just curious.

greengate painted chalk paint box
This box is another hand painted piece and I love that bird! I have the apron, the notebook and some other items. I need them to release a new pattern over here haha. 
Painted Enamel

These tins and enamelware had these lovely flowers painted on them by Tina. A very talented lady! In Tina’s profile she says she has been painting since she was able to hold a brush so that explains her talent!

Vintage kitchen storage

This is also hand painted! A little flea market upcycle job. Do any of you know what this is for? Tina says on her blog that she thinks it’s for kitchen rags/sponges etc.

Greengate Crockery Tableware Display

A much better view of the large plate rack on the other side of that glorious cabinet that I showed in the first image in this post. I love those fabric bolts too! Jealous? Who me? uh yeah.

Hand Painted Flower Wall art

Another hand painted marvel from Tina! There are many canvas prints on the blog of previous and current greengate designs.

Chalk Painted Wardrobe

This is a little tiny wardrobe ‘dolls house style’ for Maileg products. Maileg seems to be a really popular children’s toy company in Denmark. The little animal characters are bigger than traditional dolls houses we know about over here but not much. I think they come in varying sizes, from a little bigger than dolls house, to large dolls about the size of a 1 year old.

Washi Tape Canvas Wall Art

A hand painted and washi tape union jack canvas! I thought this was great. Very well done!

Lulufant Blog

A Perfect Pastel Cupcake Shop

Welcome to Fairytale Cupcakes in Norway! I really wish I could visit this store! It seems rather compact and bijoux but perfect in every way.

I would kill for a sofa like this and these tables with lace tablecloths are absolutely adorable! and look at those lovely pip studio cups and saucers that have been turned into a lamp with a Rie Elise Larsen paper shade.

Just a beautiful shot of these syrups ontop of the most perfect pink cabinet!

A marvellous shot of these beautiful cupcakes on that lovely white cake stand.

What a beautiful arrangement of vintage photographs on the wall!

I like the way the menu is displayed! This little chair is a lovely colour too ^_^

Anything that has pip studio wallpaper and white flooring is going to be a favourite of mine. That’s the end of that story! If you add in some vintage furniture then I will squeal like a little girl!

It looks like a beautiful, wintery Norwegian day out there! I love the little breakfast bar and tall stools. A great idea for a small space and instantly adds more seating.

All in pinks and blues; my favourite colour palette. 

and this lamp! They must have just drilled holes and stuck a lamp base up there, or attached a base and ran a cord up there. The second option is probably more likely actually now that I look at the top of the cups and saucers. It was a great idea!

I really want a pink cabinet like this! 

It looks like christmas time! Those toadstools are enormous! Are they decorations? Just glass blown?

I want all of this furniture too. I just need to go and start painting everything I can find. I’ve been thinking about painting my coffee table blue but I will let you know how those thoughts go. I might not! 

Isn’t it fabulous? How could you go to a stupid chain coffee store when some independents are this incredible?!

Fairytale Cupcakes

A Dream of a Kitchen

Ok, so whoever is with me when I’m designing my dream house, can you please remind me of this blog post? Take note of the date! It’s a glorious kitchen with red and white. Most importantly, white cupboards and a white oven! I never thought I would ever like darkish wooden floors, but it turns out this kitchen is magic and I like them now. ha!

Look at all of that storage! Two ovens?! (The big range cooker is in the first image in this post)

I really like this galley light. There are two over the kitchen island and looks absolutely perfect for the kitchen! I don’t think you could have chosen any better.

Isn’t it glorious?! Of course you need to have a contrasting counter top on top of white cabinets but I never would have thought that a dark wood would be to my liking but I love it! The tiles around the cooking space are my favourite and it’s all contained within a very beautiful little alcove. All of the pink flowers and little red touches really make this image of the kitchen ‘pop’.

What incredible orchids! I’ve always remembered about having a ‘Belfast Sink’ on my dream kitchen list. The glass and wooden cabinets are my favourite. Think of all the beautiful crockery you could display in there! All of the pip studio and greengate colelctions I could afford.

Are these pink flowers Hydrangeas? I always appreciate your responses to my questions!! This must be a vegetable washing sink? I’ve no idea. Two sinks in a kitchen is a bit mad alright.

More built in shelving units. There is one thing I would change in the image above, the inside of the cabinets would also be white. Just to show off the crockery to it’s full beauty and potential!

And a glorious set of antique scales and silverware on display in this tiled alcove. What a fabulous kitchen! Can you tell I am in love?
All of these images are from Better Homes and Gardens

New Products at Retreat Home

 I was so excited that Retreat Home have a new catalogue out for Autumn Winter 2013! Unfortunately there is a slight christmas undertone to some of these images which I can only apologise for since it’s september! But aren’t these little shelves and cabinets adorable!?

A perfect way to display all the fantastic toiletry bags available! And also some adorable cases that might be going on the christmas wish list!

I love all of these frames and that incredible wood burning stove!

Yeah apologies about christmas! But aren’t they adorable?

I really want the chair/bench that these lovely shabby chic trays are on!

I also really wish I had a potting shed or a big space to plant lots of love trees. And I also wish I owned all of these lovely pots and pitchers.

I adore that stool! I love this type of look in the summer time but for some reason in the winter I love lots of warmth and warm colours. Perhaps because in the winter the fire is always lit and winter memories are fond ones ^_^ I love the smell outside when its frosty too.

Lovely linen hearts and even lovelier wire hooks!

I would love to know where all these photographs were taken! All the wood on the walls is fabulous.

That’s it. I need a proper dresser! Or hutch as the americans call it! The Retreat Home Store is so christmassy. Please ignore the christmas bits.

From Mood-board To Magazine

I’ve always loved Marie Nichols style projects and I am a fiend for a magazine so I often see her lovely styling in print ^_^ If I had known in high school, or even in college that a photographers stylist was a career choice, I would have taken it! But naw, I went down the photography route. I want to learn! Someone take me under your beautifully styled wings!
I love the idea that Marie had, of posting her original idea notebook. That is one thing that I really need to take away from this – jot ideas for photographs down. That way you dont end up with 50 of the one photograph.

I love the ceiling lights here. They must be a white version of the giant ikea ones. I often find it odd that green and natural imagery can be considered autumnal but right now in Ireland we have beautiful bright sunshine, the trees haven’t turned yet, still lots of greenery, but crikey its’ chilly! So now I do understand.

This, I adore. Simply adore. I most definitely need more flowers in my life. I have a family member who loves flower arranging, and she arrived at my door with Flower Arranging magazines. Did you know those existed?! Why do I not shop in these shops that sell cool magazines?! I don’t suppose there’s a “how to style photos” magazine?

I love a good moodboard ^_^ And this is a good mood board! Really, if hydrangeas are involved, I’m sold ^_^

You know, I would really love to own a cloche like this. And, what in the heck is that flower thing? I know the spikey ball is a chestnut. My childhood autumns were spent at the local church yard because they had several huge trees. Always coming home with bags full of conkers. For no reason.. we never played conkers! Just had fun collecting them!

Easy DIY Earring Display

Today’s post is a fabulous find! An incredibly easy DIY layered lace earring holder. I’ve seen many earring holders made of lace but are made using a regular photo frame, I thought this a little silly as it’s far too easy for heavy earrings to pull at the lace but in an embroidery hoop it gets pulled nice and taught so it’s perfect for earrings! 

This is how to earring display looked before the diamante trim was glued on.

I also love how the lace was layered over some floral fabric. Sellz did a great job on this! 
Only the outer part of the embroidery hoop was painted in the bright neon pink crafters acrylic paint. 

Then the lace was layered over the floral print fabric and trimmed.

And diamante trim glued on. I think I might need to purchase some diamante trim!

It looks fabulous! Go visit Sellz Cute Things blog to see all the DIY projects available! 

Stylish Photography By Tim Young

Are you prepared for Autumn? I don’t know what happened the weather, but one day it was rather lovely and the next day Autumn hit and we had to stick the heating on a little bit in the evening time! These rich plums and metallic colours are some of my favourite hues of the season!
Today you get to see within the covers of some of the very best of our interiors magazines in the UK, Tim Young shoots for a fair few and a lot of his images are viewable on the House To Home website. I love the colour is this little bedside table! I would love to see the entire thing. 
There it is! What a fabulous autumnal colour. oh and velvet! How wonderful! Is that a lamp? An actual electric lamp? I love it and want one right now. 
Just beautiful! Are these Liberty fabric sacks? Although all of these photographs were shot by Tim Young, I would love to know who the stylists were. As someone who has studied and worked in photography for over a decade now, I know that almost anyone can take a photograph but not everyone can style a beautiful ‘vignette’ for a shot. I cannot style an image to save myself! Sometimes, around my home I see a good photograph but if I went out of my way to style something, it would look like a dogs dinner. 
I love the colours in this image but I’m not so keen on that chair. That reminds me that I need to buy some slippers! 
How luxurious! I love that cushion so much I can’t even express it! I would love a velvet cushion. I’m currently still trying to decide on my final colours for the season. So far we have cream and pink! 

An alternative autumnal colour palette for you. The styling for these images was done by Selina Lake who seems to have worked with Tim a couple of times!

I love those little east of india sharp pencils. I have the Tags and Pins boxes upstairs!

What a beautiful bathroom! If only I had a bathroom this size. The possibilities for decor would be endless!

A wicker bed! But that head board is so fancy. Suitable for short people only obviously. I recently discovered the joys of a king size bed! No feet poking out the end ^_^ I think the above image, and the image below were part of a feature about ‘Wall Stencilling’ in one of the magazines under the ‘House To Home” umbrella!

Stencilling lace effects onto the wall and adding decorative hooks as a jewellery display is a fabulous idea!

ooh there’s that bathroom again! As you guys probably know by now… I want a bath like that. Where’s the toilet?

I love those ceiling lights! And, do you see the fabric that is on the table? I bought similar in ikea, only a metre from the bargain bin, and I still havent done anything with it! That was maybe two years ago!

The wellies are out. It’s definitely autumnal weather out there! 

I love all of the little touches on the hall table. The wallpaper is so elaborate! I’m not sure that it is my style but I love the stairs and the care that has been taken with them.

What beautiful lights! And interesting table and chairs. Benches that require a shimmy up and down for space. And the table has wheels! I have just noticed ^_^ what a lovely shot.

Tim Young Portfolio Website