Cath Kidston Cakes and Sugar Craft

 A Cath Kidston Cake Table

How incredible does this Cath Kidston inspired cake table look?! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw some of these cakes!

 Cath Kidston Cake Table

Seriously! Everything here is iced, including the slices! AND do you see that candy stripe wall?! I can’t believe the talent that some people have. Seriously. Sugar craft roses seem to be one of the most difficult things to do (too delicate for me!) and I’m always in awe of how much skill is required to make these.

Sugarcraft roses and flowers ontop of Cath Kidston inspired cakes

I really couldn’t make any of these! I love all of the colours ^_^

 Heart Shaped cath kidston inspired cakes

These cakes are absolutely perfect for valentines day don’t you think! The little rose buds are absolutely gorgeous and they just make the collection of larger roses in the centre, really stand out.

 Roses and Cake! All I need for a perfect party! I don't even need guests to be honest

Everything in this post makes me so happy! Polka dot cakes! Shut the front door!

Heart shaped mini cake with sugar craft rose

Mini heart shaped cakes are the future. I don’t think I could eat any of these delicious looking cakes. I wonder if they’re polystyrene! :O! The very thought!

 Sugar craft roses ontop of a cake

Aren’t these roses just insane?

 Tiered cath kidston inspired cake

If I were ever to get married… this would be my cake.

 Roses on cakes and cookies

I would love this as a little trinket box in my bedroom. With some pearl edging ^_^

 A tiered polka dot cake with extra large sugar craft rose

A polka dot cake in my favourite colour! Yes please ^_^

 Sugar craft roses 

 Now.. is this bigger rose icing? I think it is but it also looks so velvety and beautiful!

 Large heart shaped cake with lots of sugar craft roses

This looks like some sort of crazy candy box! I love it. Or a fondant fancy that’s gone mad and heart shaped :p

 Sugar craft rose on a cupcake in a gold gilt tea cup

A little teeny weeny cupcake with a big flower! How fabulous. I love the crockery and how all of these lovely cakes have been displayed.

Cath Kidston Inspired Photoshoot

Do you ever see an image that just makes your heart sing?!

 A slice of a cath kidston inspired cake

See what I mean about everything being iced? I love the double colour in the roses, it’s a marvellous touch!

Via Beyond Beyond. Cakes created by Elizabeth of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium. Photoshoot was on location at ‘Tea Party‘ which has new premises in Kentish town and photographed by Cristina Rossi 


My Favourite Wall Art Ideas

 Stitched collage wall art
I’ve been in the market for some new wall art for quite a while now; not just for my hall way but in my parents house too, both of which are totally different in style. The above inspiration is for my own house ^_^ I love the canvases and the trio frames. 
 Canvas wall art ideas

I love hearts! Anyone guess that? The canvases and the 3d punched hearts actually look really good together! I also really love the large collage style canvas on the shelf. That piece of furniture is absolutely stunning. I don’t know if I have enough space for all the things I want!

 Free Stitching cupcakes in a frame - wall art from argos
 Free motion stitching cupcakes in frame wall art

I really love these! They’re affordable and I don’t have to learn all about free motion stitching. I’m far too lazy for that. I’m so glad Argos have started stocking this graham and brown wall art! I absolutely love it all!

 Punched 3d heart and butterfly wall art decor

These beautiful frames would really suit my hallway. It’s beyond me why I chose to have magnolia paint on the walls but any wall art that can detract from that fact is more than welcome!

 Home Sweet Home Wall Art

I quite like this. I already have a metal home sweet home sign but this looks a good bit lighter than the one I have! I also want the vase, the bottles and that lamp! Want want want.

 Heart collage on canvas

I really like the size of this canvas and I actually think it would look great in my mums kitchen so I might have to send her the link and try and talk her into it! 

 3d punched hearts in shadow box - wall art ideas!

You know what would make these perfect? If they were stitched down the centre. Just for a little added visual interest.

 Stitched hearts in a frame - free motion stitching

I really love these. I might have to treat myself to the whole set! Treat y’self! *parks and rec reference*

Photography on canvas - romantic wall art ideas
 Romantic canvas wall art

This is the type of wall art that would suit my mum and dads dining room and I was trying to keep the purple and pink tones quite subtle to make it quite shabby chic and romantic so I’m not 100% sold on the butterfly print. I like the little drawers! I will show the boss and see what she says :p

All the wall art was found here.

Vintage Pastel Craft Room

Get ready for a gigantic overdose of candy colours and sugar! Today’s post is all about the marvellous sugar*sugar who sadly, no longer posts images or blog posts! I thought a little appreciation sent over her direction may rekindle a little sugary spark ^_^

I do love looking inside peoples craft cupboards to see all the bits and pieces! All of these colours are absolutely marvellous. This was a skinny wardrobe with those little hanging drawer sectors. I like that crochet hanger!

Ok, so I need some ceramic cake stands and an ice cream cone pencil pot. I should probably start like a wish list shouldn’t i!? That would be a great idea.

All of these things are on the list! I have some mint crepe paper but I LOVE the idea of using contrasting pink thread from the sewing machine. I also don’t have the patience to cut the trim like that. I wish I did! Bring the shop back!!!

I love everything in this image but I’ve spied some beautiful, pink, mercury beads that I MUST have! I love them!!!

This is just a feast for the eyes! Is that pink muffin pan silicone? It’s quite hard to see in the images. I do spy some lovely art by the beautiful Jenny Holiday from Everyday is a holiday, previously Jenny’s bake shop!

Everyone paint your dolly pegs!

More views on all the lovely craft storage in this room. I need to get some more boxes and organise my own space.

This big dresser was a DIY project that was executed perfectly! The vintage wallpaper patchwork was a fabulous job. Since I originally saw these images I’ve been on the hunt for a lovely vintage pink jewellery box with drawers!

I really like those shelves with the ribbon storage underneath… can anyone tell me where I can find one?

Fabulous spotty spools! When did Martha Stewart stop making aqua punches?!?!?

What is that three tier hanging thingy? I want one!

This little scrappy, embroidery piece of art work is beautiful and I love that piece of lace! I feel so inspired when I see these images. I want it all for myself!

These are lovely bundles of vintage fabric that used to be for sale on the sugar sugar shop. They’re so beautiful.

This little image is a sneak peek into when the DIY dresser project was in full swing, with the back panel being wallpapered with scrappy pieces of vintage wallpaper.

This was a lucky yard sale find and I’m incredibly jealous!

This is an even better view of the little pink jewellery box I’ve been lusting after!


A Shabby Romantic Polish Home

 A box full of sequins, ribbons, lace and trims. I need more sequins in my life!
This gorgeous image of a box of vintage dyed lace, sequins and ribbon trim is going to end up costing me a fortune because I want it all! So I’m off to ebay and etsy to start searching for similar vintage treasures! How fabulous are these colours?! After seeing this image i made the executive decision that I need more sequins in my life. 
Shabby romantic inspiration decorators diary

I really enjoy peeking into peoples creative journals! This shabby chic home decorating journal is absolutely beautiful and you can really see the shabby chic influences from this little journal that have been transformed into beautiful rooms and lovely decor!

 Pink Marie Antionette Tea Tin

I want this tea tin! I love tea tins and I love baby pink. Alicja is so lucky I’m not being invited round for tea because I would be bringing the biggest ‘shop lifting’ handbag I could find. And the house would be empty.

 Shabby romantic lace desk top! Im going to add some vintage lace to my mail basket ^_^

Adding lace to a lovely little mail organiser is a fabulous idea! What a glorious looking desk space!

 Shabby cushions and blankets

I must get an aqua coloured, velvet cushion. I am rather obsessed with different textures at the moment and velvet is lush ^_^

 Shabby shelving

These shelves are beautiful and I would love to see a full view of them!

This blog has a lot of wonderful little vignettes throughout and it’s full of mini vintage lampshades with vintage silk flowers and they’re stunning! A romantic, dream home for me.

 Romantic purple and mint lace table scape

I wonder if Alicja dyed these beautiful linens herself… aren’t they stunning? This colour palette takes my breath away. I would be in a state of complete awe if I was in this house!

 Beautiful textures with Sequins feathers and tulle

ooh! I need more sequins and tulle in my life!

 I am crazy about this cast iron day bed! A shabby chic and romantic bedroom

What a marvellous day bed! Oh I could lie here all day with my laptop and watch things, work and look at my surroundings! These colours are so beautiful.

 Romantic shabby chic scrap fabric dream catcher DIY Project idea

I really like this little decor and I’m feeling inspired to make something pretty to add some scrappy decor to my bathroom!

 Romantic Shabby Chic light shades on a chandelier
See what I mean about all of the little lampshades? I’d steal those too :p I just love them! My parents have a little chandelier type light with three arms, so I am going to find some small shades and decorate them for the dining room. 

 Romantic, shabby chic light fixture

What would you call a light like this? And what type of pom pom trim is that? It looks like faux fur balls instead of yarn pom poms.

 Shabby chic romantic table - I would love to eat breakfast here

If this were my breakfast table I would never leave. Or get up and achieve things. I’d move from the table to the lovely day bed that’s above and that’s it! It’s too pretty to leave ^_^

 Shabby Chic romantic postcard collection

I would love to buy post cards of Alicja’s images if they’re available! I hope you enjoyed these beautiful colours. I’m feeling inspired to dye some lace, in a lovely aqua colour.

Arte Ego Blog

15 Pretty Pastel Home Accessories

 Retro cookie cutters and flour shakers from Gisela Graham
All fans of retro kitchenware, come hither! How fabulous are these kitchen storage tins and that little tin with the pastry cutters?! I love the patterns. I’m going to have to go and hunt out the entire collection now!
Retro pastel cupcakes on a door hanger

I absolutely LOVE cupcakes. I wish I could paint them like they’re painted on these coat hooks. These little hooks would look marvellous in my craft room.

 Floral fabric bunting and floral lanterns as party decor!

This garland and lantern duo are sold separately but they would look marvellous together in the spring time for a little garden party!

 Pretty little floral photo frame

This is just lovely! This pretty little floral photo frame would look absolutely adorable in a little girls bedroom.

 A little distressed wooden stool

I absolutely love this little distressed side table and I think it would look absolutely marvellous right beside my sofa! In my humble opinion :p

 A lovely mum decorative sign

And this range is just perfect for any occasion. I bought my mum the little key ring for her car keys ^_^ they’re available in different colours and of course I went for pink!

 Pretty pastel book clock

I NEED THIS CLOCK! I had the original version of this clock, in the bright primary colours, but as mint and pink are my FAVOURITE colours, I think I need this in my home.

 Pastel cupcake salt and pepper shakers

Everyone needs cupcake shaped salt and pepper shakers in their kitchen! I have some! Actually, I have lots of salt and pepper shakers. I might have inadvertently started a collection.

 Rich tea tin biscuit tray - I love this!

I love this. I wish this rich tea biscuit tin tray was available as a tin box! I went crazy when M&S had biscuit tins as classic biscuits.

 Pastel tin jugs for spring time!

The full range of pastel colours is available just in time for spring! I adore those vintage style post cards and lovely flowers ^_^

Macaroon trinket boxes in a pastel colour palette - all my favourite colours!

I’m not 100% sure what trinkets are. There, I’ve said it! I feel bad for not organising small items properly! I would actually love to own the large, lilac box that these little macaroons are all stored in.

 Rose carved wax LED candle! How fabulous

These LED candles are made of wax! I really like the carved roses detail and these would look lovely on a shelf behind or just above the couch. Keeping the place looking cozy but safely lit!

 Spring flower tea light holders

Just in time for Spring (we can just ignore the winter, I said so!) I love these little nest style tea light holders. These would look marvellous at a garden party!

 Pretty stitched bag - Just Sew In Love by Gisela Graham

I LOVE this range and this bag ^_^ the button door knob that the bag is hanging on is just fabulous.

 Gorgeous long floral bunting

And more bunting! I’m getting you all ready for the lovely spring weather I’m determined to have and enjoy lol.
You can buy all these fabulous items at – The Contemporary Home

Dreaming Of Spring Floral Arranging and Display

Flower arranging

When I saw this fabulous magazine excerpt I knew I had to share it with you all! A beautifully styled editorial where vintage florals, prints and furniture are combined to perfection. I adore these little bud vases and when I see magazine features like this I usually end up spending a fortune on new glassware that I definitely don’t need.

 Flower arranging and styling in vintage style room
An image like this would make me go searching for vintage tapestries, gigantic yarn and vintage bottles; all to use as photography props that I will probably forget about and never use! Always purchased with the best of intent. I absolutely love everything in this image and if I was at this photoshoot I wouldn’t be able to work; I would just be staring at everything and touching. 

 Flower arranging in cut glass vases

This image is absolutely stunning! I love the fact that some petals have been pulled from each of these little flowers to use as ‘added visual interest’ and mixing the textures. I always learn more about styling images from these perfectly styled photos but I never remember or implement what I learn! I must write lists and stick them places to remind me!

 Flower arranging and pretty vintage glass bottles and vases

These images just make me so happy ^_^

Beautiful Blooms and flowers arranged in bottles and jars

Do you spy that little tin? I’d be stealing that! And maybe some of the textiles :p

 Beautiful flower under a cloche - That vintage silk kimono hanging over the room divider is absolutely stunning

And this cushion. The extra large flower under a cloche is a fabulous touch. I love all the texture from the vintage chairs and that room divider. I would be stealing that dress too! I just love it all and I hope this post brought a little sunshine to you day!

Styled by Lara Hutton and photographed by Anson Smart for Country Living Magazine UK

Paper Crafting with Kikki K Stationery

Patterned paper envelopes and pretty garlands/banners made from Kikki K paper
I love seeing new ideas and inspiration for crafting with paper so you can imagine my joy when I found a complete party that was created and styled for Kikki K using their fabulous stationery supplies!
 Cut out pretty paper garland
This little cut out banner is a lovely decor idea. I haven’t intended there to be almost 3 days worth of party posts! It just so happened that way!
 paper cuttings from Kikki K patterned paper
 Happy Birthday gift wrap from Kikki K stationery

It’s always great to find gift wrapping inspiration and I really love both the gift wrap paper patterns here.

 Handmade triangle box party favours from Kikki K stationery
Not to mention these little confetti filled boxes! Aren’t they fabulous?! They make fantastic decorations. 
 wrapped ice cream cups and stamped spoons from Kikki K
This little party was created to promote a special collection and they’ve really done a fabulous job! I want to go grab my scrapbook paper collection and start punching as much confetti as I can get. 
 Handmade rosettes using Kikki Patterned paper
And make some paper rosettes! It’s been a while since I’ve done that ^_^ Where’s my glue gun?!
 Popcorn cones using Kikki K Patterned paper
These little paper cone’s are a great idea for serving pop corn or even sweets. Stick some grease proof paper in there and you could serve chips! (I mean french fries)
 A little paper craft party decor challenge with Kikki K Stationery

I love everything about this little party, including the wall decor of cut out paper shapes!

 Making paper crowns from scrapbook paper from Kikki stationery
The paper crowns are a fabulous little touch and I was wondering what those little ice cream cones were made out of, thinking they looked an awful lot like loft insulation and then it dawned on me that it was felting wool. I’m silly!
 365 Journal from Kikki K Stationery

I really love Kikki K’s 365 diaries and each year they think of creative little prompts to fill in each day.

 A Fathers day scrapbook from Kikki K stationery

There are always some great Fathers day ideas too ^_^

 Kikki K's Dreaming patterns were hand painted and designed with watercolours

One of the collections over at Kikki K was designed by an artist using lots of lovely water colours and I am completely enamoured with all the patterns ^_^

 A nautical inspiration board from Kikki K Stationery

Kikki K don’t just have party ideas on their site; they’re a stationery store so they’re full of papers, notebooks, tags, gift wrap etc. To promote each collection they have a fabulous range of imagery that always puts a smile on my face! I love this mood board.

 Planners and diaries for 2014 from Kikki K Stationery

I would love this collection if it wasn’t leather but they are two of my favourite colours so that’s a positive. I like how sturdy the magazine file looks! I’m fed up with getting paper magazine holders and then they fall apart after a couple of years because I keep putting too many magazines and notebooks in there :p

 Notebooks and notepads from Kikki K Stationery

This is a collection of a lot of lovely notebooks. That 3am notepad made me smile. I’m sure lot’s of people need one of those. I need a columbo style notebook for before I go to sleep “Just one more thing”.. and then “put jam on the shopping list”. Just a little insight into how i run through everything before I go to sleep :p

 Home management binder for warranties and receipts from Kikki K

I really like the colours used in this home management binder for storing manuals and warranties! A great product for organising queens out there!

 Getting creative with Kikki K scrapbook

This little scrapbook is absolutely adorable and a great way to get your kids involved in the crafty world! I remember scrapbook’s when I was a kid were recycled coloured paper. Boring!

 Valentines gift ideas from Kikki K
I think these are some of the lovely scandi inspired ceramics that are available (in Oz only) and were posted as valentines gift ideas. Perhaps not but they should have been! The colour’s are lovely 
 Valentines stickers and stationery from Kikki K
These are some of last years Valentine’s treats and I’m sure there are some lovely new designs available. If you get in early you could get them shipped to your country in time for this year! 

My Favourite Party Supplies

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Welcome to my favourite party supplies! After earlier’s post I thought it was perfectly apt to share my favourite party supplies with you ^_^

Have you any parties coming up? I’m tempted just to start decorating my house in anticipation :p
Ooh! Another collection I have is all about garland’s! What a great way to decorate, party or no party!

Garlands Garlore

curated by Claire on Etsy

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Pastel Glitter Ice Cream Party

 Pink mint and sparkly glitter party table
I love all party decor and I especially love pastels and sparkles! How fabulous is that mint painted dresser?! I don’t think I would have painted the brassware but hey this isn’t about furniture is it?! Look at those tassels hanging from the honeycomb balls! What a fabulous idea.
 Glitter and pink stripy punched paper favour boxes

I love these little favour boxes ^_^ The sparkly little glitter paper is my favourite! I wonder if that was laboriously created using loose glitter or if those are available as sheets! I’d wallpaper my house in the stuff :p I love sparkles!

Paper tassel covered soda bottles

Covering soda bottles is a fabulous idea! Personally, I don’t like the brand of soda bottle that is displayed here but you could do the same thing with some of those little milk bottles that are so popular! Or even some vintage glassware would look rather lovely ^_^

 Pink and Mint Sparkly party

I’m a big fan of this banner and that glitter sign! The glitter sign is available as a DIY project on the original source (linked at the bottom of this post).

 Mini doughnuts at a party

More of that fabulous glitter paper. I think it must be paper, creating all these lovely items with loose glitter would have been an absolute nightmare! Although if it was created with loose glitter it was completely worth it.

 Sprinkle ice cream cone party
I have recently been rather obsessed with sprinkles and multi coloured party decor (because of the sprinkles) but they look marvellous and rather understated and fabulous in this pretty pastel setting! I love this whole set up, can you tell?! 

A Bright and Colourful Home

 Trisha Brink's bright and colourful craft room

I have loved Trisha Brink for quite a few years now ^_^ We met on a little blog course I think (I could be wrong about that one though) and I bought some fabulous vintage ribbons from one of her etsy stores that I’ve never been able to use because they’re too pretty to cut! I actually have a length of it up on my inspiration wall AND some years after that purchase I managed to find the full duvet cover on ebay! Just a happy accident ^_^ Oh yes… how fabulous is Trisha’s home office?!

 Trisha Brink's bright and colourful craft room with lots of craft storage

All the storage just fills me with glee! I would love to know what I should look for when searching for those plastic storage boxes you can see to the right of the chair. And some little drawers! And wire baskets! Gimmie!

Cat cross stitch - I would kill to own this!

I would sell my granny to own this. Trisha… has it been sold?!

 Wire baskets for craft storage

You can see why I adore Trisha’s blog, home and shop! It’s just a complete feast for the eyes ^_^

 Crochet hangers and vintage sewing boxes being used for storage

And just so you know Trisha.. I would steal absolutely everything! This pale aqua is my favourite colour ever.

Crochet wire coat hanger and vintage fabric

I know this was a promotional image for selling some fabric but I thought it was fabulous! And I’m far too lazy to crochet around a wire coat hanger but I do love it!

 A beautiful dresser with vintage fabrics

This was one of my favourite IG images ever! I’m obsessed with dressers and vintage fabrics.

 Washi tape in the living room & embroidery hoop fabric wall art

And I would like it on record that I am stealing the idea for putting embroidery hoops behind the TV! I love the touches of neon from the washi tape and yarn! Where would I get long, oblong tapestry hoops? I can’t seem to find any on ebay in the UK -_-

 Embroidery hoop fabric wall art behind the tv - a GREAT idea!

Isn’t is marvellous? I’m very jealous of the white doors in this home.

 Trisha Brink - Washi tape your cork board!
 Trisha Brink portraits

Ladies and gentlemen.. I give you the fabulous Trisha Brink ^_^

 Vintage yellow painted dispenser turned pencil storage

I cannot believe I missed this Instagram flash sale! I don’t even know what this is but I want one! It’s yellow! I love this colour too!

 Wool and beaded pom poms

I’ve never seen beads and pom poms… I love this idea. I think these are on the TV unit (you can vaguely see in the living room photos above)

 Vintage wallpaper cut outs
Im going to go and start cutting shapes. I’m just stealing all your ideas Trisha, sorry :p 
Go visit the blog – Trisha Brink blog