A Tilda Filled Craft Space

How absolutely beautiful is this armoire full of craft projects?! Chihiro Kubota (one of my favourite stylists and photographers) has introduced me to this new craft superstar Hotta Yuriko via her KLAStyling blog. This room is FULL of handmade items using some old Tilda patterns (available via panduro hobby
I am really crazy about this patchwork tablecloth, even though I don’t think it’s a tablecloth, just a quilt top. I also am in love with the Sewing doll; one of my favourite tilda collections! 

These little canvas type decorations are made up using tilda fabrics, ribbons and scrapbook cut outs which are usually available with each collection.

Almost everything on these shelves was made up using the Tilda scrapbook paper or fabric.

This is a little peek into how the canvas art was made.

LOOK at that frame! We don’t get little wreath things like that over here in the UK do we?!  I want some of those vintage style gold handled scissors too. *Want want want* Change the record Claire!

I really do like these wreath’s and I’m really feeling inspired by those lovely wire bases that are available. You could create something simple and beautiful with one of those!

The tilda sewing doll used to be available as a kit and I think they’re still available in some places or already made up via somewhere like DaWanda where Tilda is very popular (in europe).

A little scrapbook paper basket and a fabric rosette! Simple ideas for using some pretty scrapbook patterned paper and/or fabric.

I would give anything to look at that scrapbook/photo album! I’m obsessed with the pink and yellow colour combination :p

Ok first I have to say… LOOK AT THAT PINK CASE! and then… using scrapbook paper to cover toilet rolls is a unique idea huh? Perfect for a guest bathroom I think.

The original tutorials were created and written by Hotta Yuriko, who owns the blog Favourite Carefree Yurimamma

New Stationery Items from Pip Studio

 Pip Studio Photo Poetry Scrapbook
 Pip studio Small Notebook Collection
 Pip Studio notebook collection
 Pip Studio Boxed notebook set
 Pip Studio sticky notes
 Pip Studio notebooks
 Pip Studio gift wrap
Pip studio pattern for 2014
 Inside pip studio mini notebook set

 Pip Studio notecards in a tin

 Pip Studio 3d gift tags
 Pip Studio Onesie

Ok, so maybe not all of the items in this post are brand new but the majority of them are! I had to stick in some of my favourites and the onesie! I didn’t even realise there was one available. The only downside is that we are only able to get some of the range here in the UK. I’m absolutely obsessed with stationery and I seem to buy every pretty notebook I can find. I know I’ve posted about Pip Studio before as it’s a very beautiful brand and I adore their crockery ^_^ I think I should feature more Pip finds as soon as I find them :p

You can buy the stationery items here.

Cath Kidston filled Tea Room Crown and Crumpet

 Cath Kidston filled tea room
I cannot tell you how excited I was when I found Crown and Crumpet tea rooms in San Francisco! I like the fact that Cath Kidston is everywhere! The sofa, chairs and lampshades are upholstered in Cath Kidston fabric and I absolutely adore the mix of colours throughout. 
 Crown and crumpet - cath kidston filled tea room
Those built in shelves and cabinets are absolutely marvellous! I absolutely love the shape of that couch, can anyone tell me what the name of this type of sofa is? 
Tables in the tea room - crown and crumpet san francisco

Such lovely little tables! I want to open a tea room now :p

 Cath Kidston filled tea room in San Francisco

I really love those ceiling lightshades and I think they would look rather fabulous in my living room. Well, one of them anyway.

Crown and crumpet tea room

I don’t think I would be able to control myself in a store like this. I’d be buying the crown decorations and anyway!

 Cup and saucer

I must go and make some tea

 Sweet display in crown and crumpet

How incredible is this?!  I think my house could benefit from one of these lol. Not really. I just love it when I see these in shops and all the delightful items on display!

Cup and saucer in crown and crumpet

I like their little logo ^_^

 Colourful cath kidston table cloth in crown and crumpet

And I am crazy about the blue painted furniture that houses all of the crockery from Crown and Crumpet.

 Cath Kidston upholstered sofa in Crown and Crumpet tea room!

And I’m so crazy about this sofa, I can’t even tell you!

Crown and Crumpet

New Products & Patterns from Greengate DK

 Tea strainer and naomi latte cup from Greengate DK
 New aprons and patterns from Greengate DK
 New Tea Party range from Greengate DK
 New linens, tea towels and aprons from Greengate DK

Summer Party from greengate! I love the champagne bucket and those bowls! Sandwiches served in bowls.. thats a new one on me!

 New butterfly pattern from the Greengate DK spring summer 2014 collection

 I love those bowls from the Greengate DK Spring summer 2014 collection

 The new tea party range from Greengate DK spring summer 2014 collection

 Spring finds from greengate spring summer 2014 collection

Traditional Greengate DK floral pattern

 Greengate Spring Summer 2014 Floral Pattern - I love it!

How much do you love all of these patterns from Greengate?! I’m so obsessed with this company.. really. Since Cath Kidston have decided to go a little more down the retro hipster root I’ve become even more obsessed with greengate! I wish I could find more of the range here in the UK. If anyone knows of anymore stores that sell Greengate products, like their labels and stickers etc, let me know! I might actually take to a bit of painting this year and emulate their little patterns on canvases like Lulufant has done in her home and in her DIY projects.
Im feeling inspired! And my bank will be empty soon enough with all of these lovely new products available ^_^

A Cath Kidston Filled Home

 Pastel knitting and Cath Kidston mug
I was so happy when I found this fabulous blog and the gorgeous images of a home filled with Cath Kidston goodies! Mary Janes tea room is owned by the very talented Susan and is a knitter of soft toys and little animals. 

 Cath Kidston Magazine files in a bookcase and a lovely CK filled home!

I love being able to have a nosey at peoples creative spaces and how they store craft supplies and what’s on display!

 Cath Kidston magazine file

When I saw these magazine files in Cath Kidston (online store) I actually thought they were flat! The image on the CK site was rather deceptive. I wish I had bought some now! Feeling the January pinch ^_^

 Chalk painted cabinet

This photo is full of so many marvellous little decorative touches I don’t really know where to begin! I tell a lie, the painted drawers. I love them! The colour is fabulous and I’m curious as to whether or not this was painted using Annie Sloan paint. I like how the tartan blanket matches the drawers beautifully! I love the Greengate clock too… you know I’m obsessed with Greengate DK. 

Coloured yarn
Colourful Yarn storage

I absolutely love seeing images of yarn collections and all the lovely colours and textures!

 Crochet hanger decoration and lovely pot holder/granny square

I like the hanger that matches those fabulous drawers! That flowery ribbon looks like Cath Kidston to me! A surprise I know.. :p How beautiful is this?! Using a crochet or knitted flower as decoration on a hanger is a beautiful touch. If I was staying at this ladies house and this was hanging in the guest room I would want to steal it.

 Tanya Wheelan fabric and cath kidston fabric covered buttons

All my favourite shades! Those fabrics are absolutely stunning and I would love to see the full pattern on the fabric at the bottom of that little stack.

 Perfect Pastel Yarns

O_O this is so beautiful!

 Pink and yellow lovely photo styling inspiration

These images are rather suited to an Easter theme but I had to share them as the styling is impeccable!

 Floral fabric covered buttons on pip studio plates

Some lovely fabric covered buttons on top of Pip studio plates! I am obsessed with Pip Studio and I really wish I owned more of the items. I was lucky enough to receive a gift card for christmas for a store that sells Pip studio so there’s a chance I might go a little crazy.

 Winding yarn

Look at this yarn winding contraption! How great is this?!

Go stick the kettle on and visit Mary Janes Tea Room. Please note that I have edited the images in this post by removing all the decorative frames that Susan uses on her blog.

Fun and Fabulous Cushion Finds!

After the madness of Christmas, New Year and then removing all the Christmas and festive decor, I’ve been looking for new colour schemes for my living room in the form of Cushions and Pillows! I realise this is still January and merely the beginning of winter (in terms of weather) over here in the UK so I don’t want to introduce spring colours too early but I must be honest, it’s difficult not to be tempted by some of those lovely cushions! I also love the fact I can make my own little Pinboard style favourites on etsy now ^_^

You can view all of my other favourites on etsy here.

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Inside My 2014 Pastel Planner

Some fabulous, colourful stationery to set me off for the new year! I know I’m a little late with this post but the weather has been truly awful, as I’m sure a lot of you have experienced this past few weeks.
I hope this post injects a little bit of colour for you all! I will list the resources for a lot of the items you can see in this post at the bottom ^_^

Isn’t my 2014 planner absolutely marvellous?! It’s from Santa, as is the little cosmetics pouch that I have used as a pencil case! I thought this was the best place to store my New Years Resolutions/goals, so I would be able to look at them constantly! You can read all about how I managed to achieve all my goals in 2013.

How adorable is this little pen?! It’s from an ebayer in the UK. I’m not sure I will be able to find it again but I will post the link if I do. ^_^ My cat leans over the back of the kitchen chairs to see what’s cooking so that’s why I love it so much

This is my rather beautiful faux suede a5 planner. It’s not a filofax, rather a cheaper brand and in my favourite shade of purple! If there had been an aqua version I would have requested it but I really LOVE this planner!

I flipped the inner page because I didn’t want to see that ‘promo’ brand name when I opened my planner and eventually I have taken it out. I am going to change all of the inside tabs as I don’t really have a lot of use for the agenda or address part and I could utilise this planner much more effectively!

Just a little shot to show you the inside ^_^

This little toiletry case is from Santa and I’m very grateful!

The pens are from Muji
The Rilakkuma gel pens can be found here.
The notebook and stickers in the very top image are from Cath Kidston
You can find all my washi tape patterns here and my favourite washi tape stores are in this post 
You can find the extra stickers and journal spots seen in images above following the highlighted links

Romantic Bedroom and Bathroom Updates

 Romantic four poster bed and patterned wallpaper

Has anyone been able to notice that I’m rather fond of a romantic styled bedroom?! I am completely in love with the different, complimentary shades on the bedding and the lovely textures!

 Buttons and yarn box in the wardrobe or closet

Those little pink velvet shoes are adorable! This is a little sneak peek into a lovely little section of the closet. I like the little lavender sachets in the lingerie drawer ^_^ keep your linens smelling fresh and lovely.

 Crochet pillow on the bed
The crochet detail on this is fabulous little cushion and the pillows on this bed. The little lace trim on the pillows are lovely ^_^
 A tray of toiletries and scented candles on a  shabby chic tray

I like this tray! This is a lovely idea for displaying little toiletries and scented candles, especially if you have guests staying.

Fresh lavender linen spray for clothing. I love that polka dot bedding!

I would love to know where these lovely bedspreads were from! They’re lovely. This tray for displaying sweaters and things is a little odd, but perfectly fine for a photoshoot ^_^

 Romantic lace, beads and chiffon in the closet

The contents of this wardrobe are absolutely darling! Lots of crochet, lace and chiffon would always make me happy.

 Romantic bedside table vignette. I love the pot of hyacinths and little vase of flowers

This year is they year I definitely buy a new lamp! This table vignette is lovely. Those hyacinths are beautiful.

 A huge shoe and hat closet!

Walk in closets and wardrobes are a great idea for storage. There are so many great little nooks and crannies that benefit from being hidden by a big walk in closet! There are just some little spaces that can’t be used as storage.

Growing flowers and forcing hyacinth bulbs on the windowsill
Hyacinths on the window are a beautiful touch and they should stay on the window as they’re so fragrant! 
 I love all the plants in this bathroom
I absolutely adore all the greenery in this bathroom. I’m not so keen on the colour of the wood but I like the different touches of displaying lovely little glass bottles and toiletries!
 Organized drawers in a bathroom dresser
Organised drawers are a dream for me! 
 Bright hallway leading into bathroom

There are so many lovely plants in this house! I love the big open space in this hallway too ^_^ and although I may not be a fan of the paint work, they did a great job in using light paint in the darkest corners!

Via El Mueble

Cath Kidston Spring Summer 2014

I completely screamed the entire house down when I saw this caravan sewing box! It’s on my wish list, although no gifts for me for another 6 or 7 months so I shall cross my fingers it doesn’t sell out by then! I absolutely love it!!! Can you tell? Was that a bit over the top? haha! Do you see the little floral pattern on the caravan? I think it’s a new one, I’ve seen the lovely fabric covered box and notebooks in the stationery section that I also fell in love with instantly ^_^ 

I absolutely love those pyjamas, but I cannot find them on the site anywhere so they must not be available just yet. Have patience Claire :p Of course that’s the thing I notice, instead of announcing the all new ‘painterly rose’ pattern! I do apologise. You can get mixing bowls, rolling pins, spatulas, aprons, you name it!

I like the shade of blue used on the mixing bowl. What do you think of the new ‘painterly rose’? I’m not sure that I’m too crazy about it, as I really love the traditional style patterns that I’m used to getting from CK!

I do like this China mug though. I thought it was rather lovely!

Did I mention the cake stand was available?!

These kid’s backpacks are so adorable. I absolutely love the polka dot backpack and wish it was in adult size!

The new bright and bold range from Cath Kidston must be doing well if they’ve expanded the range. Perhaps they’re trying to expand their customer base. It’s nothing like the usual and older type of patterns I have all over my own home.

This bird print is bold, but it’s beautiful and I love that clever use of a hostess trolley!

I am going to buy this. This is an absolute certainty. Although I’m also certain I would need one in the other pattern available, one for going into the machine and the other can deal with things coming out of the machine! Or for whites and darks… two always work better than the one in the laundry department!

The blue mug is my favourite ^_^

Old school patterns being expanded into a bathroom set! I was very happy to see this! These two items will also be going onto a wish list :p or I might just treat myself.

After seeing this image, I can finally gauge the size of Cath Kidston travel purses and they’re exactly the correct size for what I would need it for. Can you believe I don’t have a purse at the moment!?

I adore this pattern, whole heartedly!

I also adore this whole heartedly! it’s a toiletry bag but I can think of lots of items to put in there. Crafty storage perfection!

Eventhough I’m not mad about this pattern, I do quite like the measuring spoons ^_^

It looks rather effective when you have the entire collection!

I’m a stationery fiend so I absolutely love ALL the notebooks now available, AND mechanical pencils! Mechanical pencils are a ‘must have’ item for people who enjoy lettering (like myself)

I found this little lockable journal and heart eraser in the children’s section! How adorable is this?! A wee secret diary ^_^

EEP! I’ll have the lot! The ring binder and notebook are fabulous and very complimentary. My two favourite colours!

I was lucky enough to receive a free gift with a magazine, several years ago now but it was a clear Cath Kidston toiletry bag. It was flat, I used it as a travel art journal kit because it was the perfect size for a sketchbook and set of small water colour pencils and I am certain they were incredibly popular with said magazine as here we are two or three years on… and they’re selling them left, right and centre! How fabulous ^_^ I’ll take all the patterns please!

I also own the Cath Kidston travel pillow and eye mask in this pattern but it’s navy in colour. It’s marvellous! I use the eye mask quite regularly as I must have complete darkness! I’m a big fan of that little travel bag. My wish list appears to be growing.

And these folding toiletry bags are also fabulous for art journalling or craft supplies. I’m not big into make up or toiletries, so if I ever receive toiletry bags as gifts, they usually end up being used as craft storage.
Ladies… take a look at what is hanging over the shower… a towel or a bathrobe?! I don’t care what it is, I must have it!!!!

And finally!!! The washi tape patterns for 2014!!! Yay! My favourite of all the new releases are always the washi tape patterns ^_^

What is your favourite pattern for this year? 

You can view the new items and the all important washi tape via this link 

Country Cottage Renovation

 Country cottage kitchen - i love all the pastel accessories, light blue le creuset casserole dishes and those floral blinds
I am so in love with this cottage kitchen makeover and I am completely in awe of what the owners have achieved with this renovation! The mix of all my favourite colours; blue, pink and cream, is so good that I’m certain I would never be able to create something like this if I had attempted it. I’m not a huge fan of wooden counter tops but the wood is a running theme throughout the house and it looks very effective!
 Country cottage dining room with under stairs storage for crockery and tableware
I like the innovative use of space under the stairs! The mix of vintage, mismatched chairs in worn paint, painted floors and painted cabinets really marries together well don’t you think?!
 Wallpaper backed cabinet in the kitchen - I love those greengate dk salt and pepper shakers!

I LOVE this cabinet! That is some of my favourite Cath Kidston wallpaper ever!

 Country cottage bathroom with a claw foot bath tub
If you have read my blog, or social media for any length of time, you may already know how much I love claw foot bath tubs! It will be my dream purchase, if ever I get there :p I also LOVE that cabinet! How marvellous ^_^ I bet it was an inherited piece. I doubt anybody would ever be able to find something that marvellous at a vintage fair or on gumtree or somewhere.
Cottage chic bathroom shelving and decor

The shelving in this bathroom is very cute! Although, I would love to know where the rule came about sea shells living in bathrooms?! I’ve always known there to be seashells in bathrooms and if you collected them when you were little, that’s where they went. Or decorations and themes for interiors – most nautical themes are for the bathroom… whats that about?!

 Cottage chic landing with vintage paisley eiderdown and nicely arranged photo frames on the wall
I am quite envious of that carpet.. purely because mine is a horrible burgundy colour! I’m also very envious of that eiderdown! I’ve kept my eye on so many and never want to part too much money. I also don’t want any filled with feathers, so they’re actually quite difficult to find. If anyone knows of any, let me know!
 Small cottage bedroom decor

This is a tiny bedroom but it’s lovely! I really like the little wardrobe & window seat build.

 Small cottage bedroom with floral paisley bedding and cath kidston paisley fabric covered lampshades

And how fabulous is all of that lovely Cath Kidston bedding?! I love the colour of the bedroom wall. It’s quite like my own that actually needs another coat but that’s for another day!

 Colourful knitted blanket in cottage chic children's room

How adorable is that knitted blanket!? And more Cath Kidston bedding!

 I love this vintage chair in the nursery
This little girls room is really quite fantastic and I’m green with envy. The chair is a chair of my dreams and I LOVE that idea of using clip on butterflies on plain curtains! I also like that Cath Kidston fabric suitcase. I must go for a nosey! 
 Small cottage chic living room
 Small cottage

The outside of this building is absolutely charming! I might steal the idea of having a lovely little heart wreath out the front of my own house ^_^

Have a Good day!

Originally seen on period living