The Perfectly Pretty Primrose Bakery

 Cupcakes from primrose bakery

How beautiful and delicious do these buns look?! Sorry, cupcakes! I think my favourite is actually the one with the sprinkles.

 Cupcakes in a primrose bakery box

The ribbon around the box is just a beautiful touch ^_^

 Beautiful pastel cupcakes from primrose bakery

I know these are full of dairy and gluten but they look appetising! I need to find myself a local Vegan bakery/baker! Actually no I don’t. I just need to look at one of these and my love handles start to swell in anticipation of the extra calories. I would eat every last one!

 Inside the primrose bakery

I really love the decor and I think those retro, yellow chairs are my favourite!

 Beautiful pastel pom poms in the primrose bakery

Pastel pom pom’s garlore! This makes me very tempted to decorate my house and windows like it’s a shop, that may invite unwanted (nosey neighbours) attention so I might not :p

 Cupcakes and cakes on stands in Primrose Bakery

I really would love to own one of these green milk glass cake stands. They’re expensive but absolutely stunning.

 Primrose bakery London

The interior and exterior on this bakery are absolutely marvellous!

 Beautiful cupcakes from Primrose Bakery

I love all the colours that are in this little diptych! Those little pansies are a fabulous bit of decor for the top of cupcakes!

 Trinkets and lovely baking supplies from Primrose Bakery

And fabulous gifts and homewares!

 Red valentines cupcakes from Primrose Bakery

These little valentines elves frighten me a little bit, they’re a little reminiscent of goblins. Or is that my imagination?

 Primrose bakery cupcakes

I really love all of these colours! The primrose bakery have a book so I’m sure you could bake all these delights for yourself!

Primrose Bakery

The shop (of products) image is from Grazed Knees